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Welp… It only took 3 weeks.

on April 10, 2012

So…. Last night, everything I’ve been holding in for the past 3 weeks just exploded. I have no idea why, but it just did. You know that horrible uncontrollable sobbing  where your face is red/purple, and snot and tears are running down your face, and you can’t breathe but you still somehow manage to be able to make those awkward hiccuping//gasping kinda shrieks? Yeah. Middle of the night, 1 am emotional breakdown. Alone. And now all day today I have been withdrawn from everyone, apathetic, and now I have that sinking guilty feeling that you get (though I have no idea why). I hate these feelings, I hate… I don’t know. I just.. I don’t know. I guess I’m glad it happened, because now it has. But at the same time… I’m not glad it happened. Because now I know I’m going to be more susceptible to these breakdowns now because the wall I built broke.


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