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MRI Results, Life, and 101 Update.

on October 13, 2012

So last week I had an MRI on my poor foot to see what was going on inside there. My orthopedist says that everything looks fine, I just have some minor joint swelling on my first and third metatarsals. He also gave me a diagnosis of metatarsalgia, which is just a fancy word for overuse of those muscles. I’m getting new orthotics (fancy braces) and I should be good to go after that. He also gave me the go ahead to start working back into a real shoe. (I’ve tried a little but so far, its only made things worse. I’ll wear my tennis shoes for like 20 minutes max and when I’m done, my poor foot is the size of a cantaloupe and SCREAMING.) But, hey, its not broken anymore and I’m NOT back on crutches, so thats good.

101 in 1001 update: I completed number 23- go to a concert. It was my first concert EVER. I went to see Yellowcard here on campus, and it was AWESOME. Definitely worth the $5 for the ticket!!! Lol but really, it was great. So glad I went, and now I can officially say I’ve been to a concert! Also, I keep looking at my list and some of my items are kinda poopy now that I’m looking back at them so I’m going to go back and revise some of the stuff. But I’m still working at it!

Life… Well, nothing much has been going on. I feel real crappy right now. šŸ˜¦ But other than that…. Its just Ā lot of school. Thats all I ever do with my life. Uh…. Yeah… So I guess this part of the entry was unnecessary. But then again, no one reads this so I can post whatever I want.


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