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Rule of a Gentleman #1: Opening the door for a lady is not optional, and will never go out of style.

Please note: This means any door.

Facebook Rule #1: No one really needs to see pictures of you when you have the flu. Or any sickness. We don’t need to see you plastered in sweat after you’ve been barfing for a week and haven’t showered in that long either. I don’t need to hear about your green snot or your vomit or anything of the sort. Thanks!!

Other Rules #1: If you are not buying lunch, don’t go through the lunchline. I don’t care if your friend is buying food, we only get 25 minutes. I want to get my food and go sit with my friends. I don’t have 15 minutes to spend waiting in line just because your conversation couldn’t wait a few minutes.

Rules of a Gentleman #274: Remember, we have pasts too. Don’t hold it against us.

Facebook Rule #2: We’re friends. Cool. But, no matter how close of friends we are (or aren’t), DON’T like/comment on everything i post. The defriend button is just as easy to push as the comment button.


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